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   Term: 120 daysMin. investment: $1Website: MyTrafficValueSSL: YesStatus: PAYING

Quick Facts

  games, investments, ads, shares
 Minimum investment $1
 PLAN: 186% - 3 months term
 shares, profit sharing
 the program does work since 2012.
 No Sponsoring Required!
 Referral Commissions on 2 Level

Payment processors

 Perfect Money

This company first pre-launched their online investment program on February 9th, 2012. MyTrafficValue offers investors a couple of investment opportunities, the main one boasts a return on investment (ROI) of 186% within 120-140 days.
Traffic value is the sum potential purchasing power of people in, or observing, a give place.
Think of everything you are ever going to buy in your lifetime. That's a lot of things, and a lot of value! All that value is held as "potential" at your current location. Because where you are right now, is going to influence everything you do, and buy in the future. And that is why Traffic Value is worth extraordinary sums of money.

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The Owners

MyTrafficValue was founded by Jo who was joined by Carlos Garcia at a later time. Jo is major shareholders in the company. This gives him initial control over the company. The company's name: Future Business Group Ltd. Current Who Is Domain

The Investors

The Investors MyTrafficValue is based upon the unique "traffic value" model where each user is valued according to their traffic value. Generally, the higher your traffic value, the greater your potential of earning. Your calculated proven traffic value can be found in your "My Account" page. This traffic value is quantified based on your total worth in MTV…

The Advertisers

The Advertisers You can be an investor and advertiser in MTV! The funds in your account balance can also be used to purchase advertisements. Not only does MyTrafficValue have massive traffic volume, but you are also able to specifically target your audience based upon their proven traffic value among a plethora of various options. There is a list of different types of advertisements that can be purchases on MTV.


The beauty of transparency MyTrafficValue was built off the principal of transparency. Users are able to track the flow of money in the company right from the beginning when you first deposit your funds to when you eventually cashout your funds. Think of it as a simplified yet comprehensive financial statement that is updated in real-time! At the end of everyday, a summarized report of the day's cashflow and activities will be made available to users....

MyTrafficValue Investments

PLAN #1: 100-140 days - 186%
  Invest in multiples of $1
  For every $1 invested, makes $1.86
  Term: 100-140 days
  End of term you get back 186%

  You can buy MTV shares
  You can sell your shares
   You will get weekly earning on every week


Games Every MTV user has the chance to win money from the variety of games available The Change Game Turn micro-cents into the first step on our investment ladder! $1000 Game Turn as little as $0.05 into $1000 with this fixed odds game.... There are roulett, poker and other games.


Miscellaneous 10% Direct Invest Contribution For every $1 that is invested in MTV, $0.1 is contributed to the daily variable % results. This adds some sort of consistency to the daily results User Share Transfers MTV users are charged a 3% fee when selling shares to another user. For example, if you sell 1 share for $100, the buyer will pay a flat $100, while you only receive $97 in your account balance Unclaimed Impression Bonuses When an advertiser purchases impression ads, part of the revenue that MTV earns from this is given directly to the you...


Cashier MTV charges users for depositing funds into their account balance and withdrawing funds from their account balance. Payment processor fees are subject to change:

  Perfect Money Deposit Fee: 2.00% Cashout Fee: 3.50%
  PayPal Deposit Fee: $0.30 + 5.00% Cashout Fee: 1.00%
  Western Union Deposit Fee: $5.00 + 1% Cashout Fee: $5.00 + WU Fees
  HD-Money Deposit Fee: 2.00% Cashout Fee: 3.50%
  Bank Wire Deposit Fee: 1.50% Cashout Fee: $25.00 + 2.00%...

Referral System

MyTrafficValue operates on a 2-level referral system:

  Traffic Value Investments 10%
  Banner Auction Winning Bids 9% - 1%
  Ad Purchases 9% - 1%
  Action Ads - paid Tasks 5% - 5%

Please note that you do not earn referral commission if your referrals merely deposits funds into his account balance. Your downline must invest into the main investment plan for you to earn commission.

To make a investment:

You must first become a member of MyTrafficValue. Once you are signed up, you can make your first deposit. All deposits must be made through the Members Area. You can login using the member username and password you receive when signup.
SIGN UP here!

If you have any question, write here!

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