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Cycle: 14-60 daysMinimum investment: $5,5Website: Cycler2012SSL: NoStatus: PAYING


Quick Facts

 membership fee: $5,5/month
 position purchase for $5,5 - max. 2pcs/day
 No Sponsoring Required!
 Referral Commissions on 1 Level -- $0,5/person/month
 Commission for your's every purchase: $0,5

Payment processors

 later - SolidTrustPay, OKpay, Perfect Money


The Cycler2012 a hybrid-matrix-type website that has been launched for 57 days. We do not know what algorithm has been calculated that to work, but we put $ 16,5 worth it is to find out the operation.

Cycler2012 is designed and built for the 98% of online networkers who never make any money online. It is the Easiest Money Making System. Get Paid Over and Over Again. Unlimited Residual Income.

Cycler2012 is a series of 5 small cyclers. Instead of waiting for months to make hundreds or thousands which rarely happens because people lost interests, why not make a little over and over again in the shortest time possible? We have made it very simple and straightforward for members to make money in a short period of time - all with very little effort.

Purchase a position

The daily purchase volume maximum 2 position anyway.
The cycles vary in length, depending on how many positions of you bought and how many referals you have. Minimum lenght of cycle is 14 days, but up to 30 days.
The system has 5 level:

Purchased position - let's call of A - the cycle begins. Placed in a forced-matrix and when the cycle ends, you get $ 1 and the position is LEVEL2.

The position is also in the loop which starts at the end of the $ 2 and you will get a new position at LEVEL1 - called "B". The "A" position is marked but the next jump - the third level.
By now, two working position is - "A" and "B". The "B" marked the start LEVEL1 now to go through the levels, the "A" but the third level continues what he began.

The "A" position in the cycle can begin. When finished you will get $ 3 and the position is LEVEL4. At the same time to complete the first level "B" position, so that you get from that is $ 1 and go up the position of the second level. And to meet the level 3 you get a new position - "C" sign - on LEVEL1. So your positions will now have three works.

Here too begins to spin the "A" position. When the cycle completes, you get $ 4 and go up the LEVEL5. Meanwhile the "B" position after you get $ 2-t and the jumps LEVEL3. The "C" position, even after you get $ 1-t and from LEVEL2 position will be. And you get a new position - "D" - at LEVEL1 because it met the fourth level. Now we generate four positions.

LEVEL 5 - (bonus level)
When the "A" position is filled this cycle will give you $20. And at the same time you get $4 at LEVEL4, $3 at LEVEL3 , $2 at LEVEL2 and $ 1 is that after the first-level positions. And now you get two pieces of position additionally.

As far as we now expect that the first position in the "A" dead, 6 position is still at work. The "A" position has produced $30 and the remaining 6 positions is going to produce much of the time they reach Level 5

Withdrawal requests

Minimum withdrawal: $5
Earnings credited to program account, withdrawal paid within 1 day

Referral System

Referral Commissions on 1 Level: you will get $0,5/people/month

To make investment:

You must first become a member of Cycler2012. Once you are signed up, you must pay your membership fee $5,5. If you paid that, you can purchase your first position. All deposits must be made through the Members Area.

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If you have any question, write here!



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